Friday, April 30, 2010

Larry King Milk Mustache Photo (1998)

Larry King and Another Fun Novelty Tie

Got Milk ?

Larry King is known for wearing flamboyant, loud and very unique ties. A clever idea came across the Milk people, somebody, maybe Larry King himself thought that this novelty necktie by Ralph Marlin would help sell the idea - even if the mustache would be over looked.

This tie with cows on it called "Herd 'O Cows" is no longer made and is collector item now. I imagine Larry King kept his and if he did not he will probably want one. If you want one of these killer novelty neckties for yourself we have good news for you. We have three for sale and once those go we probably can get a couple more. That’s because we are the best at the necktie game.

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