Saturday, January 21, 2017

Why President Donald Trump Wore a Red Necktie for the Inauguration

President Donald Trump at the inauguration
ceremony in Washington DC
President Trump wore a red tie on Inauguration Day because it presented him with the look of ultimate authority. Red ties are power ties.and if there ever was a guy and a time to wear a red tie this was it. He is a tough guy and takes no flak from anyone - to say he has enduring pride would be an understatement.

The color red illustrates confidence and aggression therefore with the commencement of taking on the responsibility of being the 45th President of the United States wearing a red tie would seem to fit the bill - certainly for President Trump.

This president has been underestimated and slandered by the mainstream media creating false news providing a great deal of miss guided ill-faith with many Americans. The Democratic Party just will not accept the loss of the election which was due to the fact that their candidate was not qualified.  Hillary Clinton is just not liked and not trusted by a majority of Americans which seemed to become a galvanization across the nation as her email scandal-plagued her.  The releasing of emails included very damaging content from her private server, the Democratic National Committee, and her campaign manager John Podesta that somehow were hacked or leaked and then released by Wikileaks painted a very unflattering insight into who and what she is.

The man who was democratically elected to lead the United States for the next four years had to endure something that no other president-elect has had to bare regarding the transition of power.  If he wore any other color necktie he would be in effect surrendering to the apparent conspiracy by the conservative left and other people in government especially the Democrats and certainly the biased mainstream media outlets that were relentless in their assault on him.

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Obviously a Photo-Shopped image of
 President Trump's extra long necktie
The Internet and many non-virtual media outlets were ablaze with commentary concerning President Trumps red satin silk necktie, namely the length of it.  The wide blade of his tie extended well below his belt which is the rule of thumb for a correctly tied tie. Twitter posts were abundant with many "haters" relishing in the fashion blunder. No doubt most of the Twitter critics have no idea how to tie a necktie which makes them non-credible fashion critics.  Some media reports were critical about President Trump's choice of wearing a red tie one calling it an "angry red tie."  I guess some were offended by the message that the red tie was conveying.  No doubt liberal journalists ( especially CNN correspondents ) just do not like President Trump and are probably a member of the "Not My President Club."

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A Google Image Search of presidential inaugurations dating back to JFK in 1961 yielded only one president who wore a red tie at the swearing in ceremony. Barack Obama wore a red tie for his first inauguration in 2009. He certainly did not have to cope with the negative aspect of President Trump's transition so presumably he wanted to make a statement that he was strong and going to be in charge of the government. The 43rd President of the United Sates, George W. Bush wore red neckties on white shirts for every major speech in the beginning of his second term - he made sure he was taken seriously.

I would imagine that President Trump will opt to wear his signature red necktie often especially when he feels like he just is not getting treated fairly by the press or political adversaries.

Contemporary Presidents who did not wear a red necktie at their inauguration.
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Never Wear a Red Necktie Unless ... want a lot of attention. 
However, be forewarned.

Wearing a red tie may not always 
be such a good idea

Never wear a red tie unless you want to convey a message that you are aggressive and over-confident.  If you are dressing for a job interview you could shoot yourself in the foot if you wear a red necktie.  For instance interviewing for a car salesman position sporting a red tie would make the general sales manager feel threatened thinking that you are too self-assured and his job could become your job

A new study by researchers at Durham University found that wearing red illustrates anger and a dominant character.  Men are offended by other men wearing red as being domineering, however, women do not react the same.  By contrast, women are attracted to men adorning red ties or clothing.   The study found that red has a subconscious effect on the brain that is useful for conveying potency but less effective if the aim is to evoke trustworthiness.  The color red is the color of passion, and lust which explains why woman are attracted by it.  Men wearing red are very sexually desirable to women.  Wearing red will make you stand out in a crowd which makes it a likely choice of garment color by extroverts.

When confronted about his choice to paint 
his airplane red, Baron Von Richthofen exclaimed, 

"I do not want them to surprised, 
I want them to be scared." click to watch the trailer

In nature many animals display red to ward off competitors. This is a trait that is apparent in the human species as well. The WWI German ace pilot Manfred Von Richthofen - the "Red Baron" shot down a record 80 planes.   When he was confronted by other pilots in his squadron complaining that his choice to paint his Fokker Dr.I triplane red as it was hardly stealthy, he acclaimed that he did not want to hide - he wanted the enemy to be scared.
Baron Von Richthofen

Matadors use red capes when fighting bulls, however, a common miss belief is that red makes the bulls angry - the red capes movement does cause the bull to become aggressive.  Bulls are color blind so the red cape has no effect on the bulls however it surely has an effect on the crowds in the bull ring.  A display of confidence could hardly be greater for the matador as he artfully used the red cape to taunt the bull causing distraction creating an advantage for the matador.

 Bulls are color blind so the red cape has no effect
on the bulls however it surely has an effect on the
crowds in the bull ring.

Consider Superman wearing a blue cape or worse pink. Do you think he would command authority in the least? Anything red illustrates strength and commands attention. The saying, "seeing red" indicates having the emotion of anger, which by error was coined due to the misunderstanding that the bull becomes fierce at the sight of the matador's red cape!  Never-the-less the color red is firmly rooted in language slang as an expression of rage.

If you are a ladies man or you feel up to intimidating men with the self-conviction of an abundant ego then wearing red neckties is for you.  Otherwise be duly warned about what the color red says. You may be commanding the appearance of being too audacious for a social event or for being trustworthy and personable to get the job.  On the other hand, if you can walk the walk and talk the talk you may be so cavalier as a knight slaying all adversaries in your endeavors.  Add some unyielding charm and you will get the killer babe which in many cases is a greater accomplishment than getting employed.

Superman's cape was not red by mistake
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In 1965 The Rolling Stones Were Asked To Wear Neckties By the Royals and the Illuminati

The Rolling Stones were asked to wear neckties in 1965 to create a demand for ties by young men as the neck wear industry in England was failing.

The Tailor and Cutter, a British menswear magazine, issued a plea asking the Rolling Stones to wear ties and save the necktie industry.  Almost certainly this request was part of a much greater controlling force that by design had more than just an influence in apparel as an agenda. 

The music and the dynamic character of the rock and roll bands that made a great impression on the world and especially the United States in the 60s was not a mere happen-stance.  At the very least the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were a product of social engineering which controlled the population in an almost "science fiction" like manner.  An attempt to create a fashion statement while coming to the aid of a faltering fashion industry was probably not the main reason that Mick Jagger and fellow band mates were encouraged to wear neckties,.rather this was part of a grand process of cultural shaping and society discipline by an agenda executed by the world's elite.

Mick Jagger sporting a 
conservative tie

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in Sussex, England, is the world’s center for mass brainwashing and social engineering activities (, 1980). This think tank was initiated in 1946 as a sophisticated organization that along with other institutions on both sides of the Atlantic shapes the destiny of the entire planet, and in the process, change the paradigm of modern society. Tavistock is directly under the council of 300 which is beneath the 13 ruling blood line families that are in essence the Illuminati.

The Rolling Stones wearing ties
being fashionably correct in the early 60s
Lyrics, were not always solely the creation of the musicians making sure that specific messages were conveyed. Those tunes that did become born at the result of creativity of the band members had to be approved by the powers that be.

Apparently The Grateful Dead was under the thumb by Tavistock's partners in the USA - The Bookings Institute, The Hudson Institute, The Princeton Institute, The RAND Research and Development Corporation, and The Stanford Research Institute.  MI6 oversees Tavistock and the CIA manages the USA think tanks.

Mick Jagger was hardly easy to manage as were the other Rolling Stones musicians. It was soon after the plea to be dressed in suits and ties that Jagger and his fellow rockers wore what they wanted, and that was not neckties.  The fashion styles that they fancied were wild and at times outrageous - a natural for such avant-garde artists as the Rolling Stones.

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