Friday, September 25, 2015

What's the Difference Between the Men and the Boys?

Thor Fridriksson from Reykjavik Iceland - famous for networking and marketing.
This is the guy who got me in the necktie business.
The Men Wear Suits and Ties

Yes, it is that simple - well actually it used to be that simple. Case on point; this guy is a very dapper guy, but when he wears a suit and tie he is a very dapper "gentleman."  And that finishing touch is the icing on the cake of his entrepreneurial character surely separating from most.

Many years ago he sold a special clothes hanger to about 80% of the population of Iceland which was about 340,000 back then.  And he did this with some creative effort and a special secret weapon - he wore a suit and tie when he was pitching his clothes hanger.

Just like a stripper "Satasella"
 the - clothes fall down - hanger
One thing of interest was the fact that he converted the name of the multi clothes hanger into the Icelandic language which was quite remarkable. Icelandic is a language that has been preserved over eleven centuries almost exactly as spoken by the Norwegian Vikings that settled in the North Atlantic Island.  Not many new words have been accepted into Icelandic which is a stark difference compared to other languages. Shakespeare's work was written in English just a little over 400 years ago but his words are not easy to understand today by the English speaking.

The Vikings of Iceland are quite proud of their tradition of keeping their language from becoming spoiled.  Almost a matter of law scholars translate foreign words into similar words in Icelandic that curiously take on a new meaning - most surprisingly without causing much confusion.  For instance the name for telephone is "Simi" which is old Norwegian Viking for "line."

The name for the closet revolutionary clothes hanger in Iceland was carefully translated not to upset anyone. The name that he gave the multiple clothes hanger was "Satasella" which actually is "The Stripper" in English. A stroke of genius no less, that saucy name caught the attention of people, especially the Icelandic men. However, it was the dapper gentleman in the suit and tie that closed the deals over and over and over - about 270,000 times or so.

Reykjavik Iceland

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