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My Favorite Tie Today - The Amazing Spiderman Silk Tie

Spiderman Silk Necktie
The Amazing Spiderman Silk Necktie

This Marvel Comics tie is a collector item, no longer made.  We've often said that if you wear one of our Marvel Comics Superhero neckties you won't need super hero strength to catch all of the attention.

From the first issue by Marvel Comics featuring Spidy, "The Amazin Fantasy" in August of 1962, young men seeking adventure became entranced with the web crawling character. He was created as young man, Peter Parker by Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko.   Peter was an ordinary high school student much like his fans - a young man in school except this young man was bitten by a radioactive spider and acquired super hero powers.

This Marvel Superhero was easy to identify with.  As a teenager Parker struggled with adolescence like many young men but as Spiderman he had the ability to climb walls and shoot webs from his wrists.  Along with his super strength, his adventures as a crime fighter created the attraction the character received.

Spiderman Amazing Fantasy 1962
A comic book series was started called "The Amazing Spiderman" drawn by artist Jack Kirby.   With the great success of Spiderman further comic book monthly series were created; In 1972 "Marvel Team Up" featured Spiderman with other superheroes which was replaced by "Web of Spiderman" in 1985.  The Marvel Comics monthly, "Spiderman" launched in 1990 was written and drawn by Todd Mcfarland sold over 3 million copies a record at the time for comic book publishing.

Spiderman was to appear in Television Cartoon Series, featured in limited edition comic book series and eventually on the big screen which saw huge box office success, and even a Broadway Musical Production.  So after this short introduction of the history of Spiderman you should be very understanding why from all of our Marvel Comics Ties this Spiderman necktie is my favorite today.

Marvel Comics Spiderman 

This Marvel Comics Superhero tie is no longer made and impossible to find anywhere except Nice Tie Store.

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