Thursday, August 2, 2012

Only Terrorists Wear Neckties

The real terrorists wear suits and ties
I found this image on my Face Book page.  Some comments that accompanied this photo suggested that only terrorists wear ties.  Of course I objected to the idea concerning this terrorists fashion statement.  Certainly this is just an exaggeration by a person fed up with the crooked bansters and the other thieves on Wall Street. 

Banksters and stock brokers wear neckties so they will look serious and gain confidence over their "marks."   Yes, I use the word "mark" ( slang for a person that is targeted by a con-man ) to describe a bankers client.

I am also one of those guys that have a problem with the evil ruling elite of this world, especially the Illuminati and their soldiers in politics and the world of finance that have abused us all. 

It is no secret that the current financial mess we are in was orchestrated by those goons.  As well, those selfish men also took advantage of the situation and lined their pockets and the pockets of their friends with billions and billions of dollars.

Politicians wear neckties the same as bankers for the same end result - to deceive the masses while the lie and cheat.  I obviously do not have much fondness for them either, well at least most of them.  Not long ago I posted a piece I did about the evil men like politicians that wear ties.  That post includes an image Darth Vader comparing him to former Vice President Dick Cheney who is a man that I actually despise,  Check it out here - Evil Neckties for Evil Men  You may like the picture of that famous ex President Richard Millhouse ( I am not a crook ) Nixon and his more or less equally dishonest administration staff, many of which went on to serve in both of the Bush White Houses.

By the way I am no fan of either George H. Bush or George W. Bush, nor the sleazy ex President William Jefferson Clinton.  As for Obama, he is the king of liars.  I believe that not only is he a non American regarding his phony birth certificate that makes him an illegal U.S. President and the fact that he is using a dead guys Social Security Number which makes him an illegal alien; I believe that he is actually an alien from Outer Space.  No kidding. 

But seriously, many men like myself wear neckties because ties make a man look polished and debonair. There is no devilish reason behind tying a necktie around my neck, so I decided to write this short article as a post for this blog and as well place a short version of it on Face Book as a rebuttal. 

That brings me to this.  Check out my satirical post about another evil guy from Outer Space Sith Lord Darth Vader Wearing a Necktie 

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