Sunday, July 8, 2012

World’s Largest Necktie

This is another wonderful find about crazy fashion accessories, the result of searching Google for neckties.  Another crazy invention from the Industrial revolution that surely had it beginning and end in a very brief span of time.  This is not only the world’s biggest necktie it is surely the world’s ugliest necktie.  I seriously doubt that these guys ever sold even one of these horrible ties. 

I don't know who wrote this stuff but it sounds a bit like Shakespeare and Hitchcock all at once.  At least the description of this tie is on the money.

World’s Largest Necktie

The tie that tops all gift neckties and defrosts the most dignified gathering.  Made from heavy awning cloth in bright, gaudy, horrible stripes.  Snaps on under collar.  Really useful for spaghetti, lobster, etc.  Let ‘em dribble!
Just $1.50 ppd.

Greenland Studios, Dept 10, 5858 Forbes St.  Pittsburgh 17, Pa.

Below are three previous posts  – the world’s largest neckties crafted to promote the necktie capital of the world, Croatia, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy,  however these are really giant neckties not meant for a man to wear unlike the tie illustrated above.  Actually I'm sure that anyone would consider the "Bib Tie" seriously meant to be worn by a man, save the extremely creative and very strange people at Unusual Gifts of Pittsburgh Pa.

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