Friday, February 3, 2012

The Sexy Way to Tie a Necktie Knot

Well I must say, this was strong competition for April, our original sexy tie tying necktie lesson girl.   So I retired her.  Man, that sure was a hard opening line, and full of keywords for neckties too. Watch this babe tie a nice necktie knot just for you.  Now there is one more reason to learn how to tie a tie. .

This is absolutely the sexiest Windsor Necktie Knot lesson I have ever seen.  Not only is Ashley tying the Windsor in a very pleasant way to observe, thanks to her charming good looks, she is tying the Windsor necktie knot the correct way.  There are several ways to tie a tie that looks like the Windsor, although those tie knots are not easy to master and are very clumsy to accomplish.  In the end they may look like a Windsor tie knot with a symmetrical shape after some careful however thumb and index finger work, they are not the Windsor and they do not form a sexy dimple below the knot without extra effort..

The worst thing about making what I call a fake Windsor tie knot instead of the real thing is that the tie knot actually has an inner knot that makes taking the tie off complicated.  That inner knot must be un-wound carefully after the tie is removed from around your neck as it becomes much tighter when you take it off.   If the tie is not completely untied promptly the next time you will want to wear it the inner lining and the tie itself will have an unrelenting twist and will be most likely be completely damaged beyond use..

April will show you how its done the right way unlike many other videos including a very horrible demonstration by G.Q. I found about a year ago on line. 

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