Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Secret Way to Tie a Windsor Tie Knot

The Duke of Windsor demonstrating how he ties
the "Windsor" tie knot, however he is tying it a
confusing way on purpose so not all men could 
look so dashing 

This is the way to tie the Windsor necktie knot that the Duke of Windsor wanted you to see.  As well, this is probably the way your father showed you how to tie a Windsor.  It is not the way some men tie this “fashionably correct” symmetrical tie knot as there is an easier way to make a Windsor Knot. However, the Duke did not want you to know about that.  

Most likely you have given up on mastering the art of tying a Windsor as it is no easy task unless you know the secret way to do it.  If that is the case or if you are making a Windsor knot when you tie your tie and it seems really difficult then you should check out the tie knot diagram below.  When you are finished the dimple is easily formed and when you take the tie off the entire length is revealed with no inner knot left to undo.

The romantic story about the Windsor Necktie Knot

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