Monday, December 26, 2016

Mens Dress Shirts - Possibly the Sexiest Thing a Woman Can Wear

Julia Roberts, photographed by Cedric Buchet 
for Marie Claire, Dec 2013.
A woman wearing a man's dress shirt fashions a very special sex appeal.

What makes a man think that his girlfriend or wife is really sexy when she wears his dress shirt?

The flowing blouse manner of the fitting reveals almost no hint of the female body, save legs and a deep neck line.  It is that obscuring that creates a sexy attraction that spellbinds the lady's man.

It is the ethereal look that makes it so sexy
In the morning when she gets up to make coffee and breakfast a man's lover will throw on his shirt as convenience effecting a robe like garment when she leaves the bed.

Her body enveloped in his shirt simply strikes sex appeal - these photos should leave no doubt.

Women wearing men's shirts

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