Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Horsing Around in Tweed Suit and Necktie

A suit and tie fit for a Horse
Well no one can say that this horse wearing a suit and tie is not dressed to the nines.  

Save greyhound racers horses are the only animal that wears clothing, especially race horses, however this tweed suit is taking horse dressing to quite an extreme.

 This three-piece suit, billed as the “world’s first Harris Tweed suit designed specifically for a race horse.”  The bookmaker that commissioned the tailoring was timely just before a major race in England - Cheltenham Festival, one of Britain's most prestigious racing events. The very unique suiting was fashioned by a former apprentice to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Emma Sandham-King. The horse-sized suit was accompanied by a hat, necktie and white undershirt.

The suit took four weeks to complete and took almost 20 yards of tweed imported from Scotland.  The handsome retired race horse is named Morestead posed with as well a retired jockey, Sir Anthony McCoy, a 20 time champion . This horse may not be suited for a fashion runway however this ex-racer can run and run and run.

Sir Anthony McCoy and Morestead - a
duo in matching tweed suits.
Looking really handsome and very fit

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