Friday, January 22, 2016

A Necktie Tying Lesson Saves the Day

Here is one that over a million people liked online. A simple gesture of kindness, how to tie a tie. From Nov 16th, 2015 - NBC The Today Show.

An older man gives a heartwarming necktie knotting lesson to a nervous young man in an Atlanta train station.

Wherever he was headed, this young man was dressed to impress. But as he sat on a bench in an Atlanta train station, he had trouble tying his necktie.  Luckily, an older couple noticed his struggle and jumped in to lend a hand. The moment was captured in a photo taken by an onlooker that is now spreading far and wide.

The woman tapped her husband and told him to "teach this young man how to tie his tie." And not only did the older man teach him the steps; he watched to make sure his pupil could do it himself.

The young was on his way to work or maybe a job interview.  In that case he probably got the job - and a very kind act that could have easily gone overlooked would be a very grateful necktie knotting lesson.  None-the-less this how humans should treat each other.  Surely the young man and anyone who witnessed this were left with a very loving feeling.
A special necktie tying lesson - watch this heartwarming video 

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