Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Favorite Tie Today - Marvel Comics Silver Surfer and Ardina Necktie

The Silver Surfer and Ardina illustrated 
on this Marvel Comics Tie
Our Official Marvel Comics Silver Surfer and Ardina Tie is a collector item

From the Ultimate Cosmic Experience January of 1978 featuring the Silver Surfer and his Galactus-created heart's desire, Ardina.   She is the feminine version of the Silver Surfer who was created to restore balance to the world.

If giving a gift to someone special who loves comic books or is just a Silver Surfer fan then this Marvel Comics Super hero tie is the perfect accessory.

This Marvel Comics Superhero tie is no longer made and impossible to find anywhere except Nice Tie Store.

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The Silver Surfer and the female Cosmic Surfer, Ardina

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