Saturday, June 13, 2015

This Guy Has Style

Kevin Richardson has class, not because he wears a suit and tie!

Kevin Richardson, "The Lion Whisperer" has become famous worldwide for his 
love of lions.  Hell get a bit more attention now that he wears a suit and tie with lions
Kieth Richardson wearing a suit and tie, and a lion taking a walk in the ( wildlife ) park.
Some guys just over-flow with class and style. Kevin Richardson is just that type of guy.  His many videos illustrating his work with lions are the cause for great attention.  He has created great awareness that lions are in danger as a result of hunting practices and illegal trade, the wild lion population is in sharp decline.

Richardson has teamed up with Van Gils the stylish Dutch Men's fashion house and the official tailor and sponsor of the Royal Dutch Football Association - the KNVB.   He has been working with lions through his sanctuary for years and getting on board with Van Gils is surely a great benefit. As ambassadors of the KNVB he and Van Gils brings the plight of wild lions to the center stage of World Cup Soccer   The lion is the Netherlands's national symbol so it made perfect sense to partner with Richardson's life long project with lions .

All smiles for these two - well at least a lion's smile
With the theme, "No Stitch, No Story" - Van Gils is for real men with real stories.  Maybe Shakespeare was only part right when he claimed, "the apparel oft proclaim the man."   Van Gils adds that also stories make a man and no other story than Kevin Richardson's could fit the bill and so he gave the "Lion Whisperer" a very stylish twist.  A series of photo shoots and videos featuring Richardson wearing a Van Gils suit and tie while playing soccer with lions was a bizarre however natural promotion.  A man in a suit and tie is much more proud and confident man just like lions are amongst big cats.  In the video by Van Gils Richardson claims lions need to be treated like heroes.

Richardson studied zoology however quit because he did not imagine himself having a career working with animals.  At 23 years old, after pursuing a career in physiology, he became involved with working with two lion cubs, Tau and Napoleon at a lion park near his home in Johannesburg.   That was the beginning of his fascination with big cats, especially lions.  The lion population in Africa has dropped from about 350.000 to 25,000 - less than 10% in the last 15 years .  Through the media attention from his films, and his endorsement by Van Gils he hopes to raise his concerns and educate people and world leaders about the need to protect and conserve African wildlife.

He has a big challenge ahead as the earnings from Lion Hunts garner almost 100 million dollars a year.   Between September of 2006 and September of 2007 16,2394 foreign hunters mostly from the USA killed more than 46,000 animals in South Africa.  Trophy hunting is big business with tourists paying up to $40,000 to shoot a lion.  Hopefully the stylishly dressed Kevin Richardson wearing a Van Gil tailored suit and necktie can change this horrible reality.

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