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Tie Knots - Why They Are Wide or Narrow, Symmetrical or Not

Different Necktie Knots


The Shape of Necktie knots and Why?

An interesting question was sent to us from our blog or our retail site regarding the size of a necktie knot.

Subject:Knot size 
Message:Hello just wanted to check and confirm that this silk still gives you a smaller knot compared to most of the current ties on the market today, and is about 4\" in with. Thanks 

The size of the knot is determined by the ties lining and the kind of knot you'll tie.  The ties width will also effect the size of the knot 

A Windsor or even a Half Windsor will yield a bigger knot than the 4 in Hand Necktie Knot.  The widest and the most symmetrical necktie knot is the Windsor Knot.   This is the most respectable necktie knot, the one that commands attention and is almost a "shoo-in" to get the new job during an interview.  Tying the Windsor is not so hard to accomplish however most men are too lazy to learn how or are shown a complicated method to do it.  Checkout our "simple to learn" exclusive diagram - link below.

The lining in a tie is wool or wool-blend and can be heavier or lighter which will effect the fullness and shape of the knot. Also the width of the tie length that composes the part of the tie that becomes the knot can be narrower which will create a slimmer knot than a tie with a wider tie length above the 18 inch mark measuring from the bottom of the wide tie blade.

With narrow ties coming back in style the knots should be slimmer as a result.   The width of ties changes in cycles that are in tandem with the width of jacket lapels.  I hope that this answers your question.

“The apparel oft proclaims the man,"  William Shakespeare - poet, and dramatist -  from Hamlet - trending from1564 - 1616.“

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