Saturday, March 17, 2012

Collar and Tie to Die?

Men are still tying neckties
The Collar and tie expected to die out in British workplace within 50 years, study claims.

I disagree but to be quite honest my opinion is one of extreme prejudice.  I sell neckties.  Besides, men's suits are back and neckties and suits are hard to separate. 

Check out excerps from the article in the Telegraph March 17th 2012 - a link to the complete article and survey is below.

Nearly three-quarters (74%) thought the tie would not survive within British firms beyond the next half a century with the popularity of the open-collared shirt.

Its demise is being blamed on the boom in creative businesses, such as Facebook and Google, and online trading companies where formal dress codes tend to be shunned in favour of a more casual approach.

Once considered an important part of business dress, the tie has become a victim of the spread of ''casual Fridays'' into other weekdays, according to researchers.

The corporate necktie could join corsets, top hats and coat tails as a thing of the past with the workplace moving to more casual dressing, according to a recent poll.

Just under a quarter of those surveyed by -a UK deals site for small business - even put the tie’s demise in under a decade.  ''The success of businesses such as Facebook and Google, where even the CEO turns up wearing jeans and a hoodie, also seems to have had a corrosive effect on the idea of dressing formally for work,” a DealJungle spokesman said.

Do you think neckties will become a thing of the past? 

Read more and leave your comment here - The Telegraph March 17th 2003

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