Thursday, September 9, 2010

Electric Neckties

Electric ties will brighten your look with high voltage color & design

Electric Ties are not actually charged with electricity but they might as well be.  If you do not want to be a wall flower at your next office party or on "boys" night out to your favorite club you will want to check out these wild neckties.  No doubt, if you want to be remembered, then an Electric tie is for you.  You better not be shy, as to be daring enough to wear one of these Electric neckties you'll get plenty of attention. 

Electric Ties evolved from the Rush Limbaugh No Boundries Tie collections in the 90's.  These ties are every bit as powerfull, illustrating bold patterns and wild color schemes. 

These unique necktie designs have been released in limited editions twice a year since 1998 making them collector items for tie guys with distinction.  You will not see these ties for sale in department stores or even men's shops, only specialty retailers of mens neckties and a few web sites offer this neck wear.

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